island snowballEXPERIENCE THE FLAVORS OF THE ISLAND. OBX’s First Ultimate Snowball Experience. Over 45 delicious, mouthwatering flavor choices poured over finely shaved ice set in a Tiki Hut/Hawaiian Island themed take out spot. Fun toppings to choose from. Perfect treat for a hot summer day. Interactive environment for Children of all ages. A MUST HAVE on your Outer Banks Vacation!


What is a Snowball?

A snowball is a delicious type of a shaved ice dessert. This unique frozen treat is made of fine, precision-shaved filtered ice, covered with your choice of handmade flavored syrups. Snowballs have a nice light, fluffy texture and crunch to them so the ice doesn’t melt as fast and the syrups will stay on the snowball instead of going directly to the bottom of the cup like an Italian ice or Slushy. They are made to order and worth the wait! Try our delicious toppings like Marshmallow, Hawaiian Crème or Chocolate. Snowballs are not just for children. They are enjoyed by adults too. No age required to enjoy these mouthwatering treats. YES, we have sugar free. So if you are a diabetic, on Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or any diet, you can enjoy! We even have snowballs for those that are Dye sensitive. Our vanilla and ice cream flavors are dye free. I have traveled the world eating snowballs and I can say that our syrups are the absolute best! They have the richest flavors around. Come in and try us and I guarantee you will be coming back for years to come. This is the best way to enjoy the Summer. They are simply YUMMY!! See you again soon. Lauren Wagner Owner-Island Snowball Co.



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